Thursday, July 24, 2008

Denim to Diamonds - 2007 Barbie Convention

Posted by thedollcafe at Thursday, July 24, 2008
The 2007 Barbie Convention was a grand affair held in Dallas, Texas. I travelled to Dallas once and I found it a super amazing cosmopolitan city with a great down home feel. I'm sure all the attendees had a wonderful time. There are many great pictures of this convention online. You should take the time to look them up. The convention doll for 2007 was designed by Mattel designer Bill Greening (yay Bill). I became very enamoured by these dolls for a few reasons. They are the first convention dolls with the model muse sculpt. They also feature the TNT head mold. Additionally, these dolls have a sassy red gown with a cowboy hat. Perfect for a Texas style soiree.

Here is the African American version of the convention doll. She was limited to only 250 dolls and is a Platinum Level collector doll.


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