Thursday, March 13, 2008

Good things come in fives?

Posted by thedollcafe at Thursday, March 13, 2008
Five Good Things About Today

  1. I received an email that my Grease Cha Cha shipped from TRU.

  2. I received an email from Walmart that my AA Cheerleader is ready for pick-up.

  3. I heard from Pinkponytail that my Kimora Lee Simmons Doll is in.

  4. I read about limited edition Vidal Sassoon Barbies on the Barbie Collector board.

  5. Em has finally seen the light!

The Vidal Sassoon Barbies are part of a promotion for the Vidal Sassoon products in Japan. You buy the products for the chance to win one of 300 of these dolls. I'm not sure if they come in a set or any other details. There is no way to "buy" them. I e-mailed Kazue and she said she will try to obtain some of them but I'm sure they will be a pretty penny! The prize winners will not receive the dolls until October! In the meantime, re-rooting some of the current Steffie molds is an option . . . The dolls are based on a Japanese pop group that have currently running Vidal Sassoon commercials. The commercials were styled by Patricia Field. You can see the commercials here in You Tube Links from Patricia's Blog.


Anonymous said...

the Vidal Sassoon dolls are very pretty. sorry the hair wear dolls dont look as cool as they are.


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