Tuesday, March 11, 2008

To Buy or Not To Buy

Posted by thedollcafe at Tuesday, March 11, 2008
That's always the question isn't it? I'm just about this close to stop buying Silkstone Barbies but then some cute ones are introduced into the line and I break my own rule. I pretty much had every Silkstone up until 2006. I can't remember what happened and I stopped buying every single one in the yearly collection. I really like the Career Girls and have all of them except the Secretary but I'm thinking it's time to stop collecting. Some of the dolls were introduced as foreign exclusives for the Asian and Australian/European markets. I do have two dealers that contacted me about purchasing the dolls but I really think I should wait. The Artist is probably the only one I really want. The Shop Girl kind of scares me with the streak in her hair. Barbie Collector may offer a limited number of these dolls so the big question is pre-order now at a high rate or wait and try my luck at getting her for the retail price. She is supposed to be $70 but I have the feeling she will be more. Some dealers are charging $200 for these dolls. This seems to happen every year with the Silkstones. There are one or two dolls that everyone wants and the prices go up, up, up! Hello Violette, Dahlia . . . I think I'm going to wait for now. If I don't get these dolls I think I'll live.

My doll for today is Modern Circle Simone. This is a doll I saw tons of at the Mattel Toy Store and she did nothing for me at all. The hair even frightened me. I bought her outfit from E-bay years ago and finally last year I bought this doll. I bought her in a lot with Melody. Now that she has a new body I really love her. It's funny how my tastes change. I probably ended up paying more for her nude and her outfit separately than I would have for a good deal at MTS but she wasn't speaking to me back then! Now I think she is smokin! A few more pictures here.


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