Sunday, March 09, 2008

Have I Gone Too Far?

Posted by thedollcafe at Sunday, March 09, 2008
No news on the Grand Opening Today. Still doing working on the forum and the final touches. I'm hoping the Grand Opening will take place sometime by the weekend! There are always delays in a new undertaking though . . .

Today I won a doll on Ebay I've been wanting for a long time. She is Kate Spade Barbie. I'm always watching for a good price and I'm happy with what I paid. I sold some things recently so I have the Paypal funds to cover her cost! I can't wait to receive her!

I thought long and hard about rebodying Princess of the Nile. I bought her nude on Ebay so it wasn't a matter of de-boxing her and removing her beautiful outfit. When I first got her I wasn't enamored by her. I put her in a box and left her there for a long time. In my big Barbie clean-up starting last President's Day, I found her again. She looked so lonesome without clothes or any friends. She spoke to me this time. I thought I should at least clothe her. Still she sat waiting for the right outfit. I found another box with an extra dressed Monte Carlo Barbie and a little light bulb went off. I could transform this Princess of the Nile into the Queen of the Runway. So here she is with just a direct body switch from Ms. Monte Carlo. I'm still not sure though. Should I keep her this way? I keep thinking, have I gone too far?


Anonymous said...

she is exotic! I remeber her! The eBay seller was selling plenty fancy dolls at that time, she probably really needed to have some quick bucks--- all her items were set as Buy-it-now. I clicked on "Princess of India" first, after I finished check-out process and went back for her, she was gone. then I noticed it was you grabbed her! The seller was lucky, she sold all the itmes really quick. --Helen

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