Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Why Do I Always Do This, or Why is Coco so Expensive?

Posted by thedollcafe at Tuesday, March 18, 2008
I was assessing my MM doll collection a few days ago. Model Muse dolls are now the predominant part of my Barbie collection. It's amazing how this body sculpt really breathes new life into an older doll. I've spent the past year or so re-bodying most of my collector dolls. This means de-boxing them, photographing their original version and then body switching them. I still have several dolls I would like to de-box but it will probably take me another year to do so because in the meantime I buy new nude dolls and new nude MM bodies for these new projects. I guess this is a never ending task. But, I really do love it. There is something somewhat therapeutic about going through your collection and revamping it.

Another issue is that I would like to have all the Mattel produced MM dolls in my collection at some point in time. I think I have pretty much all of them but when The Chapeaux™ Collection came out, I really wasn't interested. I saw Sugar close up at the 2006 Barbie Convention but she didn't do anything for me. Last year I found her nude on Ebay re-bodied with Marisa Beach Baby's body. I went for it and bid and won the doll. The picture of her is below. Her hair was trimmed by the seller and I thought she looked just great. When Pepper was announced I thought it would be nice to buy her and the others in The Chapeaux™ Collection. I looked in the Barbie Collector shop and realized that Coco was sold out. I'm amazed that her price is going for over $300 on Ebay now. I wonder why? Was it because she was produced in such limited numbers? She really is out there in style and hat pin! Maybe it's because there are some die-hard Byron Lars collectors? I could have bought her for her original price of 99.96 but that seemed so high at the time. I see that Sugar is still available in the shop so what is it about Coco that made her sell out and jump up in price? I'm going to enjoy my Sugar for now, but I have the feeling that someday Coco, Sugar and Pepper will all have a play date at my house.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to inform you. but this isn't the "spices" collection. It may sound like it, but it's actually Byron Lars' "chapeaux" collection, which translates to "hat" in english. Note the syle of the box? Like vintage hatboxes.

thedollcafe on October 18, 2008 at 12:35 AM said...

Don't be sorry. I know it's not Spices, lol. I did mention the right name of the collection in this post a couple of times. I mentioned Spices in another post but only as a commentary about the names of the dolls. Thanks for your comment though.

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