Saturday, March 15, 2008

Back to Business!

Posted by thedollcafe at Saturday, March 15, 2008
Thanks to all the members that have returned to the forum. I still have to email several more people but I left my flash drive at work and don't have access to the email list for now. I hope to alert everyone by email soon of the forum opening.

I got some of the dolls I ordered today. Kate Spade is so incredible. I just can't bring myself to de-box her for now. I've admired her for so long that it's strange to actually have her in my hands. She was worth every penny. I also stopped by Walmart to pick up the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader AA doll. I really like her deep chocolate skin tone. Very nice contrast to her white outfit. I'll have to de-box all three girls soon for a photo shoot.

Bill Greening, Barbie Collector line designer, reported on the BB that the Vidal Sassoon Barbies were very much under wraps. They were not part of the collector design team but were designed by a Fashion Fever designer! Mattel is still working out plans for the 09 collection and dolls of this type will definitely be considered. Count me in! I'll take two of each please!

Sale Alert: Toys R Us in the US has all their Barbies marked down. Click here for the playline dolls and here for the Collector Dolls. I cancelled my Hello Kitty Apple Tree pre-order and picked one up at the sale price. I also ordered E! Live on the Red Carpet, The Interview, and Tout De Suite. The new Silkstone Preferably Pink Barbie Doll is on sale but I really don't need another blond girl in a suit so even though she's on sale I'm passing. There are many other bargains like the Dolls of the World and Vintage Repros. Check them out!


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back! Great looking group for the dolls! Thanks for doing this!

Anonymous said...

Kate is very colorful! :D

Wow, finally, TRU puts Barbies on sale. I'd like to get one more Sumatra.

I dont collect silkstones, but I do have a few of them. I wondered if I should switch their heads to MM bodies then sell silkstone Bodies. This type of stiff bodies are really not for me. :D


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