Monday, July 21, 2008

Oh No! The 2009 Barbie Convention is Almost Sold Out!

Posted by thedollcafe at Monday, July 21, 2008
I read today on the Barbie Convention group that the 2009 convention is nearing capacity! Wow, I figured the convention would sell out, but not this fast! Here is the text from the post on the Yahoo Group:

"[The Committee] is anticipating that the convention will be full as of sometime this week. After that, a wait list will be started and you will be notified. How will those on the wait list be notified - I am not sure. So if you were holding off sending in your registration, I suggest you do so in order to be high up on the wait list."

So far, all of the registrations for people who attended the convention and registered on site seem to have been processed. A few people who mailed theirs in have also been processed. I'm hoping I get in outright or am very high on the wait list. I sent my registration in a few days after the form became available online!

I've only been to one convention in Los Angeles in 2006. It was amazing. Here is one of the dolls I was lucky to win the opportunity to purchase. I sold her since I didn't really bond with her but I regret it now. I did take some nice pictures before I said goodbye! She was designed by Italian designers Magia 2000 and she is named Film Noir. She came in blond, brunette and AA versions.


K A Hambly on July 30, 2008 at 6:08 AM said...

I really love the eye make-up on this doll!!!

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