Thursday, April 11, 2013

Barbie Convention: Sunset Parade Barbie: Buy a Barbie and Help fight Cancer!

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 Barbie Conventions are a place to have fun with your friends and fellow collectors but did you know that Barbie Conventions are arranged around charitable purposes?  Typically, convention organizers seek donations of OOAK dolls and these Barbies are auctioned off during conventions or on ebay or similar sites.  All proceeds (after allowed expenses) are donated to a charity of the convention committee's choice.

This doll is the beautiful Sunset Parade Barbie, a one of a kind design by José Luis Montesdeoca, of El Blog de Ken with sewing skills provided by Yolanda Cañete.  Convención de Coleccionistas de Barbie en España is sponsoring the auction. For this auction, all of the proceeds will support Asociación Española contra el Cáncer, a Spanish cancer charity.

Sunset Parade, was inspired by the classical origins of Barbie and the sunsets on the beach where she first fell for KenBarbie, shines in a wide neck sheer top buttoned in the back, which allows you to peek at a blue and gold bikini bra, a nod to the legendary zebra striped swimsuit she in her debut. The layered styled full skirt is turquoise silk, knotted at the waist by a golden bow tie!  A perfect touch reminiscent of a big hug from Ken. Sunset Parade Barbie's subtle makeup and  nude color eyeshadow channel the golden sun.  Isn't she a dream?

I hope you take a look and spread the word.  Let's use our hobby to contribute to great causes.  Well done Jose!  Hope this Barbie brings lots of bids for your charity!  Don't you just love her?!?

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Dolly Tally 001: Tarina Tarantino by Designs by Robin Studio

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Many of you know that the Steffie mold is my favorite mold. When the Tarina Tarantino Barbie came out in 2008 I was just floored by her beauty. This doll is an OOAK Tarina Tarantino I purchased at the 2010 Barbie Convention at the sales table of Designs by Robin Studio. I was immediately drawn to this doll. Shockingly I did not buy her right away. I think I came back later or the next day and was so happy she was still there. It was so funny because earlier that year I had purchased another OOAK Steffie doll (Barbie Basics, Collection 1.5, Model No 3.) from Robin on Ebay. Since that time I have bought many dolls from Robin and recommend her work. She is also on Ebay, Pinterest and Facebook. Check out her work and enjoy dolly number 001 in my Dolly Tally Project.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

News: The Black Swan Company Q&A Hosted by Coleccionistas de Fashion dolls en Madrid

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Today Coleccionistas de Fashion Dolls en Madrid ("Coleccionistas") hosted a special online Q&A with Black Swan Company's Francesco Catalano.

Coleccionistas is an active doll community based in Madrid, Spain, who will be hosting the Madrid Doll Show this fall. 

The Black Swan Company is an emerging OOAK doll based in Italy.  You can also find their creations on their Ebay page.  Please see their latest offerings.

This is the first OOAK Silkstone produced by The Black Swan Company is "White Swan Prima Ballerina."  Isn't she amazing?

White Swan Prima Ballerina Silkstone OOAK Barbie

The Black Swan Company was named after their first OOAK doll "The Black Swan" which caused a sensation in the collector world.  The company features beautiful styling with a focus on ballet, dance and fantasy.

Principal designer Francesco Catalano's focus stemmed from his love of music:  "The inspiration about ballet and dance depends on my love for the music. I am a musician and I study piano and flute since I was 9 years old. I have been in the conservatory of music with flute and I got a degree. In the world I lived I had the chance to see opera and ballet and I fell in love with The Swan Lake, Cinderella, Emerald, Don Quixote and many others I had the chance to see. I [have] love[d] Barbie since [the age of ] 5 so I tried to mix my two biggest passion in my life. The Black Swan Company is the final result of who I am.

The doll making process is not easy!  Francesco notes that, "In one year we were able to produce more than 50 dolls. 5 artists work about a week 8 hours at day to create one of our dolls."  [This does not include those] who work for the boxes, printings and certificates. Sometimes a doll requires more time, like Evanora the Witch of East who required almost 20 days of work.  

Francesco's favorite Barbie is Wind Rider, a true beauty and one of my faves!  I encourage you to learn more about OOAK artists and support these artists.  They are the ones who bring our favorite dolls to life in new and exciting ways!  Don't forget to check out The Black Swan Company's Facebook page and follow this amazing OOAK doll company and their future creations.

News: The Doll Cafe Lives!

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LOL, no, I wasn't dead but you'd think I was.  I'm shocked that my last post was April 28, 2012.  It seems like this time of year my doll collecting passion is re-awakened.  Well, maybe it's more of my my pre-Barbie Convention panic mode!

Convention this year will be held in New Orleans!  Wow, that's so exciting.  Being the homebody that I am, I have never traveled to that area of the country so I'm seeing the World with Barbie once again this year!!  I'm excited to report that my daughter Steff will be joining me for the second year in a row.  Her first Barbie Convention last year was a blast!  Here is an amazing picture of the beautiful dolls we both received as gifts from our generous table hostess last year Jen M.  Do you see some Steffies and Basics in there?  Boy aren't we lucky!!??!!

Barbie Convention 2012 Table Gifts

I hope that you have been following our Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Flickr, or Instagram posts.  Did you know we also have a Tumbler?  Just choose your favorite online platform and join us for the dolly fun.  Also, be sure to check out our Facebook Group and the Model Muse and Steffie pages online.

For future blogging I will be tagging posts with useful titles with labels and will try to post daily (ok, you've heard that before).  Most of our news will be posted on Facebook and Twitter so I will use this blog to feature pictures from our collection, doll news, and in a continuing attempt to count our dolls we will also be featuring a post on each doll in our collection so we can keep a handle on it all.

Thanks for all your support, comments and suggestions.  Keep reading for more dolly centered fun.

-The Doll Cafe
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