Thursday, December 08, 2011

Barbie Raises Money for Charity!

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Now available at Charity Buzz are many OOAK Barbies and unique Barbie gift items being auctioned off for charity. This year brings another beautiful holiday Steffie. She is in the set Heavenly Trio of Barbie Angels. Other amazing OOAK Barbies include a stunning Hollywood beauty by Bill Greening. A cute Francie gift set and the celebrity dolls of Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry. Check out the OOAK Barbie Dream House.  There are so many amazing details that it almost makes me want to customize my own Barbie house! Help out Project Angel Food and receive a beautiful one of a kind Barbie in return!

Monday, November 14, 2011

I Love My Nighty Brights Francie

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I love this new Francie! She is much more than I expected! Now I would really love to go back and get Check Please Francie but there are so many new dolls that I want! Here is one of my fave pics. Click to see more of the pics on my Flickr page!

Mid Length

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Silkstone Francie Exclusive for Barbie Fan Club Members!

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Francie, Check Please!
"Francie, Check Please! by mood4mod, on Flickr"

Just as anticipated, Barbie Collector has announced the new Silkstone Francie! Her  name is "Nighty Brights" and she features her nighty outfit and a cute yellow mod shift dress.  Barbie Collector also announced some cute collectibles honoring Francie! Francie will be available on November 2 at 9:00 a.m. Pacific.  Here is her page at Barbie Collector.  If you would like her, it's not too late to join!   I'm hoping this one will be more of a hit with collectors but as you know repros always bring up strong feelings for collectors. Mattel tries to please vintage collectors but sometimes the new interpretations are not exactly what the collectors hoped for. Recent comments about the repro Check Please Francie were mixed.  Some collectors have noted that Francie's lips and eyes were too cartoon like!  I think this is an interesting addition to the Silkstone line but I'm still a big fan of the classic looks and tailored outfits of the earlier Silkstone offerings.  I think this Francie is a cutie who may end up on my list sooner or later!  If you are a Barbie Fan Club member check out this exclusive content!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Barbie Collector: Hollywood Icons Sale at Gilt

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Don't think I blogged about the previous blog sale so I hope you see this in time!  The last great sale at Gilt Groupe allowed me to buy the Russian Silkies I was seeking for just $50!  This time they are having a Barbie Collector: Hollywood Icons sale featuring the Grace Kelly vinyl and Silkstone dolls, Elvis, Sinatra, Dynasty, Lucy and Ricky and more Barbies.  If you haven't signed up use this link and you will be ready for the sale tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. Pacific time.  You can get into the sale at 8:00 a.m. Pacific if you go to the Gilt Children's page and look for the Exclusive Sales tab.  I already got my Sinatra and Elvis Barbies but maybe you can find one with your name on it!

Sinatra Barbie Close-up

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Can you Believe the Tokidoki Barbie Firestorm?

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Tokidoki Barbie by ShellyS
Tokidoki Barbie, a photo by ShellyS on Flickr.
Wow, who could predict that Miss Tokidoki Barbie would cause such a firestorm! I'm sure you've read the articles and may have even seen the news reports on CNN and other outlets. I loved this doll from the moment I saw her pictures from Toy Fair. There is no way this is a child's Barbie doll and I'm not buying into all the articles and new stories that the media has picked up on. Now that Barbie Collector announced on 10/21/11 that this Barbie is really sold out she seems to have gone up in price considerably!  A few weeks ago I was able to meet the designer Simone Legno in Santa Monica, California. I hope you enjoy the pics!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Katrina Kaif Barbie Pics

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Katrina Kaif Barbie  by The Doll Cafe
Katrina Kaif Barbie , a photo by The Doll Cafe on Flickr.

I finally had the chance to take some pics of the Katrina Kaif I Can Be Barbie.  As Barbies go she is a regular playline belly button Barbie with the Lara/Drew face mold.  Her accessories include a female Oscar and a gold purse with matching gold jewelry that's a little nicer than most recent playline dolls.  It's too bad that playline dolls no longer feature this face mold.  The face mold gives her more of a collector doll look. I was hoping the doll would look more like the prototype that I posted about in my last post but this doll is very beautiful and she could easily be rebodied to a model muse body as the skin tone is the usual Barbie tan color that a lot of MM bodies come with!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Barbie goes Bollywood with the Katrina Kaif Barbie Doll

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I have heard a lot about Katrina Kaif and her upcoming Barbie doll but I don't know much more about Katrina apart from the fact that she is an actress born in England who became a big Bollywood star!  I remember reading about the doll last fall and there were even prototype pictures available.  As you can see from the pics, the prototype is wearing an outfit similar to an outfit that Katrina Kaif modeled for Barbie's 50th Anniversary.  The doll was also a Model Muse doll.  It looks like Katrina Barbie went through some changes for the final product.  Now you can own her Barbie doll from the I Can Be series.  Barbie I Can Be a Movie Star, Katrina Kaif features the Barbie I Can Be a Movie Star packaging that is similar to the US Version.  Katrina Barbie also holds a female gold "Oscar" in her hand.  I was able to obtain one of these dolls from a friend in India.  I will post some pictures in my next blog post.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Barbie hits the red carpet in first UK TV campaign

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Barbie is a star, but I'm shocked to learn that this is her first UK TV campaign. According to Adpraisal, ad agency Ogivily has created two adverts aimed to strengthen and build Barbie’s relationship with 4-9 year old girls.  I hope the stores are well stocked with Barbie items for our UK Barbie fans.  May this be the beginning of a nice successful campaign.  Since Barbie is heading off on her Grand Tour for Barbie Convention in 2012, maybe the UK decided to get in on the fun.  This looks kind of like a teaser since I doubt these Barbies will ever actually be produced.  Look at the Ken.  He seems to be the glamorous Ken staring in ads this year.  Barbie looks like she is wearing a dress based on the Heidi Klum Barbie dress.  The Barbie also looks like a glammed up Fashionista Barbie.  Hopefully the UK will see increased interest and sales for our favorite girl in their future!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Barbie Basics 2.1 or 2.5?

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Barbie basics by Jesús_Doll Addict
Barbie basics, a photo by Jesús_Doll Addict on Flickr.
The Metallic Basics are now available! We've seen several pics of them on ebay mostly from a foreign seller. These boxes are labeled 2.1! Today, Barbie Collector placed the collection for sale in their shop, for the nice price of $19.99 I might add, and listed them as 2.5. Well, 2.1 or 2.5 take a look at this Flickr stream with some great pics of two out of the three new Barbie Basics! Wow! What do you think of the body? Is it what you expected? I ordered my dolls today and ordered two of each of these dolls. I want one on the pivotal body and one on MM. I am waiting to get a second of Model No. 8 because I'm not sure if her skin tone will match any MM bodies I have. I know, I'm strange. LOL!

I saved a lot of money because of the sale that Barbie Collector currently has going.  I hope my dolls arrive soon!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

2011 Barbie Convention Report Part 2

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Check out this great video that convention goers at the 2011 convention were treated to promoting the 2012 Barbie Convention The Grand Tour. Credit goes to co-chair Rocky! It is beautifully produced and I think you will enjoy it. It brought me back to the fun times of 2011's convention!  After seeing this, I'm super excited for 2012!

Sunday, August 07, 2011

2011 Barbie Convention Report Part 1 of . . .

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Barbie Basics 3.0 by The Doll Cafe
Barbie Basics 3.0, a photo by The Doll Cafe on Flickr.
It has been an exhausting couple of weeks. I was preparing for, attending and recovering from the 2012 National Barbie Doll Collector's Convention in Ft. Lauderdale Florida! The convention was amazing! So many things to see and do! Please see my Flickr set for the pictures I took of the Barbie Basics 3.0 and the two accessory packs that will be available. These dolls were available for viewing at the Barbie Fan Club event on Friday July 29, 2011. BC Shannon was hosting this table display.  Sadly, it has been reported that this collection will be the last in the set of Barbie Basics.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Halloween Haunt Coming This Fall

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Here is a doll I am excited about. I like the vintage look with the modern styling. She is much cuter than the upcoming Dracula Mackie doll.  I cannot post pictures but if you are a Barbie Fan Club member you can take a look at the recent sneaks.  This cutie is much more up my ally.  What do you think?  She is a Bill Greening Barbie.

 Halloween Haunt Barbie

I hope her production issue is similar to the prototype shown here.  I think she would look great paired with the vintage Bewitched Barbie.  I missed out on this one but there is always ebay!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Great Couples: 50th Anniversary Barbie and Basics Ken

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Welcome to the first pic in my Great Couples series. 50th Anniversary Barbie is so glamorous even in Model No. 3's black sleeveless T.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Ken!

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Model No 15 by The Doll Cafe
Model No 15 a photo by The Doll Cafe on Flickr.
Dear Ken: You are sure looking good at 50. I think you have never looked better! Can you please ask Mattel to make you with articulated arms, legs and wrists from now on? That would be the best birthday gift ever! Well, a girl can dream can't she? Gotta love you!

Monday, February 14, 2011

She Said Yes!

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After splitting on Valentine's Day 2004, Barbie and Ken announced today that Valentine's 2011 is the day they found love again! Ken's campaign has been nothing short of amazing! From the fabu Magnolia cupcakes to the billboard campaign to declaring his love in Times Square for all to see, how could Barbie say no?!? Of course she couldn't. These two were meant to be. I always knew they never stopped loving each other! To celebrate, Ken was on hand New York and in Los Angeles at the Grove to let Barbie and Ken fans pose with Ken and make it an all around happy day! Click here to watch a cute vid summarizing how they got back together! Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Barbies Announced

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Toy Fair always brings amazing new Barbies to behold! Check out this amazing Tokioki Barbie. She uses the beloved Steffie mold and check out her amazing tattoo! Earlier this week Barbie Collector also posted pictures of the Barbie Basics 2.5. There is no Steffie doll, but that's ok. With this pink haired beauty I'll forgive whoever made the decision to leave Ms. Steffie out of Collection 2.5. I know I will be getting more than one of these beauties. Take a look at the amazing pictures. Her toe nails are black and look at those glittery peek toe pumps! Bravo! Take a look at the new Farrah packaging.  Other new collections include Barbie Art Collection, 2011 Holiday Dolls, and a new Couture Angel! Check out all the pics posted by MAW photo.  I see an amazing likeness of Rock Hudson and what looks like a Barbie Loves Elvis and Frank Sinatra set.  Enjoy!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Barbie, Ken Wants You Back

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Although he's just about to hit the big 50, Ken is working hard these days to win Barbie back. The couple last spotted together in 2004 reunited last summer in Toy Story, and word has it that there may be a reconciliation! Ken has been taking out full page ads in major magazines asking his old flame to reconsider. Additionally, a new website lets you vote, maybe Barbie will listen to the fans? It's not an overwhelming yes, take a look! This week Magnolia Bakery helps Ken woo his favorite doll with the creation of the "Barbie" Cupcake: a classic vanilla or chocolate cupcake iced with Barbie's favorite shades of pink buttercream and sparkling sugar crystals, topped with a white chocolate heart inscribed with a special message from Ken. I couldn't resist and had to try these cupcakes myself. I know sweets are always a way to my heart! LOL! So, what do you think?  Should Barbie enjoy her single days or should she give Ken another chance? 

Friday, January 28, 2011

Still Having Fun with Basics Collection 2.0

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I just recently went "Pro" on my Flickr account and have had tons of fun posting pictures of the Barbie Basics Collection 2. I was lucky enough to find all of them at Walmart and Target a few weeks ago and I just completed my collection with the Louboutin Model No. 14. This collection has something for everyone. With the variety of facemolds and the addition of the Ken Basics this collection is a real winner. Barbie Designer Bill Greening posted on the Barbie Collector board that there will be a collection 2.5 and this collection will have some articulation! The dolls in the collection have not yet been revealed. It seems like this will be a mini collection until there is another full collection! Exciting!

Friday, January 07, 2011

Barbie Basics Collection 2

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Model No. 1 close-up
Originally uploaded by mo1160
The Basics Collection are popping up just about everywhere, except Amazon! They showed up about a month ago very briefly. It appears some third-party sellers are selling them for the ridiculous price of $45.99. Hopefully Amazon instead of a third party seller will stock these dolls soon!

So far, I've managed to find the dolls at Target and Walmart but for the last few that are difficult to find Amazon might be a great bet. Of course, Barbie Collector is now taking pre-orders but the dolls will be available on January 13th. Get your orders in now, scour your Targets and/or Walmarts, and get your hands on some of these beauties. They are the hottest thing sweeping the Barbie Collector community since Barbie's big 50th! Wow, with three new Basics guys and this year being Ken's 50th, who knows, we might be celebrating even bigger than with our girl!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Barbie Friendships

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Holiday Harmony Close-up
Originally uploaded by mo1160
Today I was reflecting on all the fantastic friendships I have made through my Barbie collecting hobby. I never cease to be amazed at the beautiful hearts that Barbie Collectors have. Not only that, so many of my Barbie friends are extremely talented! There is something about this little vinyl doll that brings a lot of warm feelings to my heart. Who knew the doll I played with as a child would continue to bring me such joy and such friendship! On that note, this is Holiday Harmony. A beautiful OOAK Birthstone Steffie I received from my friend Helen from Christmas in 2008. Helen, also known as @dollsaga is a talented doll artist, blogger and all around great lady. I encourage you to visit her blog and her ebay auctions. You never know what will pop up there. In the coming weeks I will feature more beautiful OOAK dolls I have received from Helen.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy New Year From the Doll Cafe

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Sorry for the lack of updates! I hope you are reading our forum and following our Twitter for the quickest updates! The Barbie Basics Collection 2.0 have been released, new So in Style dolls are out and new Barbie Collector Dolls are out and more are on the horizon. I'd love to keep in touch here more regularly. I guess the easiest and quickest way is to bring you a Doll Cafe Picture of the day!

As a Steffie fanatic, here is The Sun Set Malibu PJ from 1972 by robincua©. Sheer perfection don't you think?
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