Thursday, July 31, 2008

Goodbye July . . .

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I hope you have enjoyed the theme of the month, Barbie close-ups. It has been very fun to pick out a new girl to showcase each day.

This is a doll that for some reason I could never find. Her price would go up very high on ebay. I sort of gave up. Then I saw her in a lot of nude dolls. She is so beautiful. She is the Asian version of the 2004 Barbie for President doll. I rebodied her to a model muse body using the South Beach Barbie body. Here she is wearing Barbie Millicent Roberts.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tarina is just so fab!

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I got to see this doll in person in April (that's another long story) but I just don't remember her being this beautiful. Tarina arrived on Tuesday but I was so busy to open her. She came wrapped beautifully in pink from Pink Ponytail! This was one doll I immediately de-boxed. Usually that's a big chore for me but I couldn't help it. This is one beautiful, classy, and super precious Barbie. I don't think I could buy just one . . .

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The 2009 Barbie Convention Is Sold Out

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For once I did not procrastinate. I had the strong feeling this convention would sell out early. I'm proud of myself that I actually sent in the form within a few days of it going online. I'm also proud of myself for booking the hotel arrangements as soon as they were posted. Even the hotel rooms at the convention rate are almost sold out. I have the feeling this is going to be a very grand affair. I am looking forward to meeting some online friends for the first time and seeing some old friends again. I just can't imagine what the convention doll is going to be like. There are so many possibilities!

It looks like there is a mini Fashion Fever picture theme here so I will share this very beautiful picture of the new Fashion Fever Raquelle. She is courtesy of forum member Mary Kathryn.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Here's Summer for your Mid-Summer

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Here is a picture of the new Fashion Fever Summer from the current wave. Pink and shine are the themes here. I have yet to see any of these new Fashion Fevers in person but luckily forum members have found them and posted some great pictures! This picture of Summer is courtesy of Hunca.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

New Fashion Fever Dolls

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Some members of the forum are finding the new wave of Fashion Fever dolls. Typically, these dolls are released in Spring and Fall but it looks like this wave is slowly arriving in stores now. They have been spotted at Walmart, Target, and Tuesday morning for about $7.99. You can find them at some Kohl's stores but they are listed at $12.99! Ouch! Kohl's does have a 50% off toys sale in early October. Maybe I will just wait until then to pick up some of these dolls.

Here is a picture of the new Teresa still in her box. This picture is courtesy of forum member handsomeddie.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Brunette Cowgirl

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The last doll in our Convention Week spectacular is brunette Dallas Darlin. I've really had to restrain myself from de-boxing this gal. I could just picture her dressed in amazing vintage outfits or mod like clothes. Every so often I scan ebay for a cheap one so I can have an extra to redress. Until then, I must enjoy her in all her boxed glory!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Convention Helpers' Special Gift

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For the first time in 2006 Mattel produced three dolls for the Barbie Collector Convention. Each convention goer typically gets to pick either an African American doll or a Caucasian doll. In 2006 there was a special blond version of the convention doll. The blond version was available to purchase if you won the lottery at the table. Each member at the table picked a number between one and ten. I picked two. The number two was announced. I couldn't believe it! I won the opportunity to purchase the blond Film Noir convention doll (see picture below). If the person with the number two did not want to purchase her a second number was called and that person won the opportunity to purchase the doll.

In 2007 there were also three dolls produced. The difference in 2007 was that the blond Dallas Darlin was given out as a gift to convention helpers. I believe that these dolls were given out to the convention committee and possibly table hostesses. I purchased mine later on ebay!

Dallis Darlin

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Denim to Diamonds - 2007 Barbie Convention

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The 2007 Barbie Convention was a grand affair held in Dallas, Texas. I travelled to Dallas once and I found it a super amazing cosmopolitan city with a great down home feel. I'm sure all the attendees had a wonderful time. There are many great pictures of this convention online. You should take the time to look them up. The convention doll for 2007 was designed by Mattel designer Bill Greening (yay Bill). I became very enamoured by these dolls for a few reasons. They are the first convention dolls with the model muse sculpt. They also feature the TNT head mold. Additionally, these dolls have a sassy red gown with a cowboy hat. Perfect for a Texas style soiree.

Here is the African American version of the convention doll. She was limited to only 250 dolls and is a Platinum Level collector doll.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Convention Week

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I guess it's Barbie Convention week here at the Doll Cafe. For the next few days I will feature close-ups of the Barbie Convention dolls that I own. Here is the AA 2006 convention doll. As I mentioned, I sold her but I took several pictures before I said goodbye. Maybe some day I will replace her. She is rather stunning.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Yay, I'm In

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I checked my credit card and it was charged! I am in for the 2009 convention. I am so excited! Here is the brunette doll from the 2006 convention. I did not receive this doll at the convention. My friend gave her to me for my birthday in 2007. I'm so very happy because I sold the other two that I did receive at the convention!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Oh No! The 2009 Barbie Convention is Almost Sold Out!

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I read today on the Barbie Convention group that the 2009 convention is nearing capacity! Wow, I figured the convention would sell out, but not this fast! Here is the text from the post on the Yahoo Group:

"[The Committee] is anticipating that the convention will be full as of sometime this week. After that, a wait list will be started and you will be notified. How will those on the wait list be notified - I am not sure. So if you were holding off sending in your registration, I suggest you do so in order to be high up on the wait list."

So far, all of the registrations for people who attended the convention and registered on site seem to have been processed. A few people who mailed theirs in have also been processed. I'm hoping I get in outright or am very high on the wait list. I sent my registration in a few days after the form became available online!

I've only been to one convention in Los Angeles in 2006. It was amazing. Here is one of the dolls I was lucky to win the opportunity to purchase. I sold her since I didn't really bond with her but I regret it now. I did take some nice pictures before I said goodbye! She was designed by Italian designers Magia 2000 and she is named Film Noir. She came in blond, brunette and AA versions.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's Barbie Week at Collectors' Quest

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About two months ago I received a message on my Facebook about a website called Collector's Quest. I had never heard of it so I checked it out. I set up a profile and uploaded a few pictures. There are some nice Barbie doll collections you may want to check out. You can view my collection and others by clicking here My collection is under the user name Mo1160. You can also start your own collection. I haven't updated recently but I'll add a few more dolls here and there!

Today's close-up is the beautiful Cynthia Rowley Barbie.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Amazing Tarina Tarantino Dolls for Charity

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I recently read about 6 beautiful Tarina Tarantino one of a kind Barbie dolls that will be auctioned for the charity Clothes Off Our Back. The auctions include a customized Collector Series Tarina Tarantino Barbie Doll, customized Barbie® cars and Tarina Taranino jewelry. You can view all the auctions here. I really love their names. Here is a list: Sparkling Star Barbie, Candy Cameo Barbie, Glam Rock Barbie, Popstar Barbie, Peace, Love, and Sparkle Barbie, and Hippie Princess Barbie. I think my favorite one is the Glam Rock Barbie. Well, it's really hard to pick a favorite! As you can see, each doll has her own distinct hair style and includes differently styled customized jewelry and a cute car or scooter to match! I wish the opening bids weren't so high, but it's for charity so it's worth it. Whoever wins these dolls is going to have a real steffie treasure!

In honor of these beautiful charity dolls, here is my newest Steffie. She is a Canadian hollow body, straight leg doll. She came dressed in varying outfits and is from the late 70s to early 80s. She is dressed here in a Fashion Fever Fashion from a Wave A Barbie.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Silkstone Dolls Are Arriving Back Home!

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Many members of the Barbie Fan Club have reported that they received their Silkstone dolls! About 80% if Ingenues and Hollywood Bounds have shipped. The balance will be shipped in September. Several members have posted pictures of their new dolls and they look pinker and more vibrant. Ingenue's makeup looks a little more vibrant too. I don't expect to receive my dolls until September. When I do receive them I will take new pictures and post them.

On that note, here is the original, Miss No. 1. The first Silkstone lingerie doll for your viewing pleasure! The entire collection's official name is the Barbie Fashion Model Collection or BFMC.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gold Label Dolls at TRU

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It's so nice to be able to pick out the dolls that you want directly in the store. I was at my local Toys R Us and noticed that they had Hello Kitty Apple Tree and Cha Cha Dance Off from Grease right on the shelf. I already had Hello Kitty and probably would have bought Cha Cha, but I held off. I also saw the Holiday 2008 doll. It's nice to see these collector dolls on the shelf and be able to pick out the best one. Mattel recently announced that a select number of Toys R Us stores in the U.S. will carry Gold Label Barbie dolls. The dolls will be displayed in beautiful in-store cases. There are none in my area but if I take a little drive I can visit one of these stores.

Today's close-up is another one of my favorite Fashion Fever dolls from Wave A. She is Teresa with the hat and white washed jeans. She has the super cute classic Teresa face. I think you can still find this girl on Ebay for a reasonable price.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Shanghai Dolls Backordered Until August

Posted by thedollcafe at Wednesday, July 16, 2008 2 comments
I ordered the Shanghai dolls from Barbie Collector earlier today. With my $20 quarterly reward I got a pretty good deal on the set. I was hoping to use a code for an additional $10 off but it didn't seem to work. I'm really looking forward to the packaging on these dolls since they also come with an extra outfit on a mannequin. I hope they won't be too cute to de-box. I've been known to keep quite a few of my dolls NRFB! The dolls are set to ship around the middle of August. That will give me time organize my dolls a little more and to clear out some and work on selling them on ebay. There is currently a fixed price listing sale for 25 cents per item. This promotion begins today and ends on July 29th. I'll post a link once I start listing!

Here is the last of my Silkstones returned for shiny new ones. This is the Siren. I did not intend to de-box her but I did and enjoyed taking some nice pictures. Boy is her hair red. It is really quite striking!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Silkstone Girls Are Shipping

Posted by thedollcafe at Tuesday, July 15, 2008 1 comments
I read on the Barbie Collector Forum that the first batch of Silkstone Barbies returned due to production flaws are being sent back to their owners. That's good news if you were one of the earliest to return their dolls. As I mentioned, I will probably be in the last batch to receive mine since I sent them back so late! Here is the third of my silkies that I returned. She is Red Hot Reviews. I got her on Amazon for a very good price. I had not de-boxed her until just before sending her back. Here is one of the close-ups I took a few days before she went on her journey to the spa . . .

Monday, July 14, 2008

Shanghai Dolls Available on Wednesday

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The Shanghai dolls I wrote about here will be available for purchase on the Barbie Collector website starting Wednesday morning. You must be a member of the Barbie fan club to purchase these dolls in a set and there is a limit of one per customer. The retail price is $49.95. Barbie Collector's website reports that these dolls were created for a very special occasion and that there will be an announcement about that in the near future. Each comes with an additional fashion from their shopping spree (displayed on mannequins), and exquisitely detailed accessories. There will be 1,800 for purchase with the actual dolls being released overseas in the fall. I sure hope I'm able to get a set. Too bad there is a limit!

Today's close-up is another girl who has gone off to a far-far away land. When she returns her skin will be rejuvenated with a special glow, not yellowish at all. I miss you Miss HB!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Still De-boxing Dolls!

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Today I spent several hours de-boxing the last of my Fashion Fever tubed dolls. These were the dolls from Wave U and Wave V. There are still a few I'm going to keep in the tubes like the very first FF Barbie, the Tokyo Barbies and some of my foreign exclusives like the Girls Aloud set. I was missing the Barbie face molds and styles and workmanship of some of these dolls. I also decided I could part with some of my duplicates. These include Modern Trends Lea and Tia and a few more. I'll post an ebay link once I list these dolls.

I recently purchased one of those photo studios from ebay. It's a box with different color backgrounds and lights. Actually I'm still getting used to using it. I'm not sure that there is enough light for my dolls. I ended up still using the flash for my pictures. I'm not exactly sure I like the results. Here is a close-up of Teresa from Wave U that I took using the studio.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hallmark Ornament Premiere Day and Some Preorders

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I got up early this morning to go to our local Hallmark. This morning was the ornament premiere. I managed to buy the club ornament this year, The Soiree. I also picked up a cute Christmas tree shaped Barbie ornament with tiny shoes. I'm excited to plan my Barbie Christmas tree this year. Every other year in our home we put up the Barbie tree. There will be additional ornaments released in October of this year. I also took some time to pre-order two mm dolls with the TRU free shipping. I pre-ordered Legends of Ireland Aine Doll and the Little Red Riding Hood Set. They are still many months away so hopefully TRU will not cancel my pre-order.

The close-up today is of my Ingenue who is on a current extended vacation. I sent her off to Mattel to be freed of the yellowing issues plaguing some of the 2007 Silkstones. I don't expect her back for quite some time since I got my dolls in the very last possible day to do so. In the meantime, I have her cute pictures to remember her by.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Pepper Joins her Sisters

Posted by thedollcafe at Friday, July 11, 2008 1 comments
I decided to order Pepper on the last day of the second Mattel Barbie Fan Club reward. I received her earlier this week. She really is quite incredible. I love everything about her. Luckily with my reward and a discount coupon she was a little more reasonable. I'll post a link when I add full length pictures of her in the gallery. It's really hard to tell if this doll will be around or if she will sell out. I just decided to order her now instead of being disapointed later!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hello Kitty!

Posted by thedollcafe at Thursday, July 10, 2008 2 comments
Today I received my long awaited Hello Kitty Apple Tree doll. She has such a sassy-ness to her. With her bangs and long ponytail she is pure attitude. The deep red lipstick completes her overall look. So far she is still in her box but I will post pictures when I de-box her.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Beverly Hills Barbie II

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Today I present the close-up of the Gela Nash-Taylor Juicy Barbie doll. I'm not sure which face mold this is. Maybe generation girl. (I'm really bad with face molds). This Barbie has a little tanner skin tone than the original Juicy doll. Her right arm is bent this time instead of her left arm. The jewelry and little accessories in this set are outstanding!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Juicy Couture Beverly Hills G&P Barbies

Posted by thedollcafe at Tuesday, July 08, 2008 2 comments

My Beverly Hills girls have arrived and they are dressed in replica Juicy Couture dresses. Here is a picture of the packaging. The dolls are made in the likeness of Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor the creators of the Juicy Couture line. Below is a close-up of the Pamela doll. She uses the Lara/Drew face mold and has platinum blond hair. This doll has a different pose than the original Pamela who had a bent left arm.

Monday, July 07, 2008

AKA Barbie Doll

Posted by thedollcafe at Monday, July 07, 2008 12 comments

A special Barbie doll will be released to commemorate the oldest black sorority. She is named the AKA Centennial Barbie, the first Barbie based on any sorority. You can read more about her here. She will be available to purchase in August at the Barbie Collector website. She is a model muse doll. Her dress is based on the sorority's colors.

Today's close-up is Fashion Fever Kira. I love this doll and her facial screening. Unfortunately she is the only Kira doll produced in the Fashion Fever line.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

A Sweet Deal on Nascar Barbie

Posted by thedollcafe at Sunday, July 06, 2008 1 comments
One of our forum members reminded me that KB Toys has a free shipping deal going on. Please see the KB Toys site for more details. While checking out the sale I noticed that Nascar Barbie is on sale for $12.99 and is part of the free shipping deal. Click the link below for more information. FREE Standard Shipping on Orders of $25 or More with Mail-In Rebate - Limited Time (see full details)

In honor of the sale here is a nice close-up of Miss Nascar. She is wearing a Dressmaker Details Sheath.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Free Shipping for New Barbie Collector Dolls at TRU

Posted by thedollcafe at Saturday, July 05, 2008 1 comments
I was just browsing the Toys R Us website and noticed that some of the new Barbie Collector dolls are being offered with free shipping. Click here to see the offer. You must place your order by July 12th to receive the free shipping. I think I am going to order the Aine Legends of Ireland doll. I am amazed she is so reasonable. I had to pay the secondary market price on the last Legends of Ireland release due to Toys R Us canceling my order. I'll be happy to order this doll with much cheaper shipping!

On that note here is my beautiful Deirdre of Ulster Barbie Doll.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!

Posted by thedollcafe at Friday, July 04, 2008 2 comments
To all our USA readers may you have a happy and safe Fourth of July!

Dressed in a super cute Dressmaker Details sheath is today's close-up Kwanzaa Barbie. She is part of the Festivals of the World Collection. We re-bodied our doll with the Robert Best 2007 AA Model Muse body.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Juicy Couture and Paul Frank

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Aren't designer Barbies just the best? I received a phone call from Sandi Holder about my Juicy Couture Barbies! They shipped on Wednesday and should be delivered Monday! I can't wait to see them. I saw some pictures from the Barbie Convention of this set and the dolls are stunning. I will post pictures as soon as they arrive.

Today's close-up is Miss Paul Frank Barbie. I bought her nude and re-bodied her with a Model Muse body. I think I'm going to take down her hair and restyle it but here she is for now.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Fashion Show Friends Assortment

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I found an interesting item on Amazon. It's called Mattel Fashion Show Friends Assortment. It features a top model doll and a fashion rack of couture clothes. Wow, I wonder what this will look like. The description states: "Summer and Teresa dolls feature ready to wear and walk the runway style in their couture-designed fashion, plus a rolling rack of extra outfits and shoes to model fresh from the fall shows. " What is confusing is that it says this set is part of the Fashion Fever collection. It looks like it will not be available for two months or so but as soon as I find a picture I will post it.

Today's featured close-up is Chillin Out Madison from the My Scene Series from 2003. I really love the eyes on this doll. They have such an intense look. Too bad Mattel has phased out these dolls or made them very limited for the North American Market.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A Close-up A Day for July

Posted by thedollcafe at Tuesday, July 01, 2008 0 comments
Is it hot enough? This month will feature a close-up a day of some of my favorite dolls. Our first doll is Versace Barbie. She was my very first Model Muse doll. I bought her nude in early 2005. I've since bought two more Versaces since she is just so beautiful. Even though she uses the widely used Lara/Drew head mold her make-up is unique enough combined with her platinum blonde hair to really stand out.

Did you notice the ticker below? It looks like the Space Camp Barbie has been delayed. I hope we get to see what she looks like soon!
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