Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Little Red is a Cutie

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Sorry for the lack of updates! I've been very busy with a Barbie related project. I'll report on that very soon! I'll likely go back and fill in for missing days. Barbie Collector recently announced a new Model Muse storybook character doll, "Little Red." An eagle eye member of the Barbie Collector forum spotted the doll on the Amazon Japan website and a few days later the doll was posted in the sneaks. Naturally, there is mixed reaction to this doll because of the larger head and the somewhat risque outfit. For the collector who likes a little whimsy or just likes the Model Muse body sculpt, this doll is a must have! Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf is due in September. She will be a Silver Label doll and a Toys R Us exclusive.

Here is a recent addition to my ever-growing Steffie collection. Miss India has such a sweet face! I'm still not sure if I should de-box her or not.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Spices Collection

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I received Sugar a few days ago. What can I say? I'm in awe of this doll. She has to be seen to be appreciated. She is now sold out at and I could kick myself for not getting another one. I am going to leave this girl in her box and I can't wait for the day when Coco and Pepper join her! Her details are incredible, those eyelashes are just so outrageous! She has the guts to have her cake and eat it too! Those are some of the feelings that come to me at the sight of this doll! I know that she is not for everyone and I could go on and on here, but I'm sure you get the message.

I was thinking . . . Sugar, Coco and Pepper. That doesn't sound like the Chapeaux Collection, it sounds like the Spices Collection. Too bad Pepper is the last one. I could have gone for Paprika and Salt. Could you imagine . . .?

Thursday, April 03, 2008

No Regrets and Gorgeous Greetings!

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I received the Monique Lhuillier Platinum Bride doll I traded for my Platinum Badgley Mischka Bride. She is just breath taking. I'm am so happy with this trade. I'm sure down the line I will have no regrets. formally announced the Gorgeous Greetings Collection. Previously only one doll had been announced and that was the Caucasian Disco Doll. She can be seen here. She is wearing purple. Forum member Felicity made a nice list of the upcoming dolls and their head molds:

"Happy Birthday, Angel!" = Mackie face
"Happy Birthday, Gorgeous!" = smiling face, possibly Generation Girl mold
"Celebrate, "Disco Doll!" = Caucasian has Mackie face, AA - Steffie

There have been pictures of these dolls posted on other sites that showed the Angel doll with the Steffie mold. Mattel had warned that the dolls were not finalized so don't be fooled by any pictures posted that aren't the official Mattel pictures. The boxes are very stylish and are modeled after greeting cards that open up and play a song. Hopefully Mattel will release the pictures to the public soon. These dolls will be available in July. Mine are already on pre-order with I think I might have to get more than one of the AA doll!

I decided to go ahead and buy the Lady of the Unicorns. I heard on that she was back up for sale at so I decided to pre-order her. Now I don't have to worry about missing her at FAO. If you are interested in this doll head on over to MFD.

Monique Luhillier

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

New Randall Craig and Top Model Hair Wear Sale

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If you need some extra model muse bodies, the Top Model Hair Wear Collection is on sale at Target stores. Some of the forum members reported that they were on sale at their local stores for $9.99, but some of the stores still have the dolls at regular price so you might have to call before you go to your local store. The sale is going to last until sometime in May. The best body for rebodying older fair skinned dolls is the Summer Hair Wear Top Model. The good thing about this body is that is does not come with any staining from the boots as the original Top Model Summer did. The Barbie body has two bent arms and a medium tan skin tone. The Teresa doll has two straight arms with a deep tan skin tone. It's a good time to stock up on these dolls at this great price. Unfortunately Top Model Nikki does not appear to be part of the sale since she has only been available at Walmart so far.

I received a few e-mails from Randall Craig about their new Living Room Accessory set.

We are pleased to introduce our first RC Home Accessory Set. This is a
natural/neutral color accessory set with just hints of a muted blue in the upholstery. It is designed to go with The Living Room. This set includes
a custom woven rug, 3 square pillows, cushions for the sectional in a wonderful textured upholstery, and a glass bowl with rocks (to add an earthy element). What a great way to give a new look to The Living Room! LE 50, only $40.

Available for order now directly through Randall Craig, Inc. Please
send orders to rcfashion at

*Please note that Randall Craig, Inc. is closed on weekends so please do not expect responses to e-mails send over the weekend.
*These items are handmade. Please excuse minor variations due to the nature of the hand work.

Here is another photo of the RC accessories.

Top Model Hair Wear Collection

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It's A New Month!

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The fruits of my recent over-buying on ebay are trickling in. I was being so good and avoided over-buying but about a month ago ebay began calling to me in a big way. This evening I realized I was watching 68 items! At the time I should be spring cleaning, I should not be watching that many items. Bad me!

Head on over to for the new monthly calendar. This month features Campus Sweetheart. There is something just so beautiful about this doll. I am so tempted to buy her! Maybe she will go on sale or I'll find her cheaper at the Mattel Toy Store. I just love her packaging too.

I received some great news from Claudia over at Pink Ponytail. Speed Racer and My Melody have arrived. These are some great sets and I can't wait to receive them. I highly recommend Claudia for all your Barbie needs. If you buy from her, please tell her Sandra sent you!

Today's picture for the day is the now missing from the My Scene gang Nolee. This is Rebel Style Nolee. I miss walking into stores and buying My Scene dolls off the shelf. Sadly, they have virtually disappeared from major US toy retailers.

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