Friday, July 25, 2008

Convention Helpers' Special Gift

Posted by thedollcafe at Friday, July 25, 2008
For the first time in 2006 Mattel produced three dolls for the Barbie Collector Convention. Each convention goer typically gets to pick either an African American doll or a Caucasian doll. In 2006 there was a special blond version of the convention doll. The blond version was available to purchase if you won the lottery at the table. Each member at the table picked a number between one and ten. I picked two. The number two was announced. I couldn't believe it! I won the opportunity to purchase the blond Film Noir convention doll (see picture below). If the person with the number two did not want to purchase her a second number was called and that person won the opportunity to purchase the doll.

In 2007 there were also three dolls produced. The difference in 2007 was that the blond Dallas Darlin was given out as a gift to convention helpers. I believe that these dolls were given out to the convention committee and possibly table hostesses. I purchased mine later on ebay!

Dallis Darlin


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