Saturday, March 22, 2008

Buy Me, I'm On Sale

Posted by thedollcafe at Saturday, March 22, 2008
The Barbie Collector Shop has selected dolls on sale right now. The Birthstone Girls are still a steal $12.95 (except for Caucasian Peridot who is sold out). Cynthia Rowley is on sale, and so is Ferrari Barbie Doll. She is only 49.99 at this time. This is one doll that was beyond my price range at the time so I bought her nude. There are a few dolls at 9.99 and vintage repro dolls are discounted as well. Maybe now might be a good time to head on over to the shop. If you do, please be sure to click on the links here and support the site! Happy Shopping!


Anonymous said...

She's got very lively eyes, looking in one focused point and asking "where are we going now?"

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